Life Policy Pros, a Simplicity Company, is a financial services firm with a concentration in life insurance planning and design, and practice management for independent financial advisors and insurance agents. Life Policy Pros takes a three-stage approach to working with advisors: diagnosing key business objectives, designing a mutually agreed marketing plan to reach goals, and delivering results-proven ideas, concepts, and techniques.

Our Focus

Tax-Free Income for High Net Worth

Life Policy Pros has a preferred relationship with NIW Corp, a nationally recognized leader in premium finance life insurance. Their product, “Kai-Zen” is one of the only strategies that uses leverage to help the client acquire more of the insurance benefits they need to financially protect them and their family.

IRA Rescue

Many people have their retirement savings in IRA’s and 401k’s. However, this delays the tax burden to retirement when money is needed most and at unknown and potentially higher tax rates. Systematic transfers to tax-favored plans, such as Roth conversions, could provide substantially more benefits.

Efficient Wealth Creation and Transfer

Through innovative planning strategies, life insurance can help protect estates, fund higher education, and more. Life Policy Pros has extensive experience helping financial professionals become subject-matter experts on the many uses of life insurance to serve the increasing needs of their clients as they prepare for – and live in – retirement.

Asset Protection

Life insurance can be considered one of the financial products of choice for helping protect the economic security for the client and their family. Insurance carriers have added riders that allow clients to access the death benefit portion of their life insurance policy in the event of chronic long-term illness, critical illness or terminal illness.

Estate Planning / Premium Financed Life Insurance

A proactive estate tax strategy can help with ensuring that a lifetime of hard work passes with the same purpose to its intended beneficiaries. At Life Policy Pros, we use leverage to purchase the life insurance you need, which allows you to keep assets within your control and not trigger gift tax.